Dog Walking Moai Launch-Blue Zones

Date: April 24, 2018

Event Description

Do you love dogs and want to meet new people? We have the perfect fit for you. Blue Zones Project is launching Walking Moais at the Dodge County Humane Society. Help a shelter dog and yourself get some exercise while meeting new pet loving people. Moai (pronounced 'Mo Eye') are groups of 5-8 people that meet regularly to walk, share a potluck meal, enjoy a restaurant, or discover purpose together. The small size of the group allows members to focus on building strong friendships--and those social connections are vital to well-being and increasing longevity! We will brielfly learn where the term 'Moai' originated then break off into Walking Moais. Take a short walk with your Walking Moai, select the best time and place for the group to meet next, and receive a FREE Blue Zones Project t-shirt! Lace up your walking shoes and grab a neighbor on your way out, we can't wait to see YOU there!

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Dodge County Humane Society