BDACT: Starkweather Bay Blues Band, Live Concert

Date: October 12, 2019

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Event Description

Tickets: $11, $16 & $18. Tickets can also be purchased at the BDACT Box Office (Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 7 pm) and Rechek’s Food Pride, at the door.
Concessions, & Adult beverages available for purchase.
No stairs, handicapped accessible.

Starkweather Bay Blues Band

Phyllis Becker, Lead vocal (keyboard)

Dennis Becker, Lead Vocals, (harp)

Bryan Johnston, Guitar

Pam Brozek, Bass Guitar

Ron Warren, Drums.

The Starkweather Bay Blues Band was formed in 2014 by Phyllis and Dennis Becker. Ron

Warren and Pam Brozek joined shortly after. Bryan Johnston joined the band in 2015. The band

is a true blues band with music that keeps people dancing and keeping the blues alive. Starkweather performs

original songs and covers great blues artist like B.B. King, Freddy King, Stevie Ray Vaughan,

Jonny Lane, Etta James, Koko Taylor, and Susan Tedeshi to name a few.

Starkweather Bay Blues Band has performed at many of the blues festivals throughout the state:

Waupaca Chain of Lakes Blues Festival, Waukesha Blues Festival, Stonebank Blues Festival,

State Fair and many clubs and venues from Janesville to Appleton and beyond.

Members Bios:?

Dennis Becker

Dennis never dreamed he would be in a band and sing and play harp.

Dennis started singing at one of Phyllis’ karaoke shows and with encouragement began to

want to do more. Dennis worked on cars all his life and had a successful business for many

years. Recently retired, he now spends many days crafting his harp playing skills. Dennis’s

voice is pure blues, with a mix of Buddy Guys, Albert King and Joe Cocker. He owns the

songs that he sings and sings them with feeling. Dennis has given time and devotion to

“Starkweather Bay Blues Band” from taking care of the equipment to hauling it from show

to show. This doesn’t stop him from giving 100% at each show. His deep raspy voice gives

every blues song that he sings a special flavor.


Phyllis Becker

Has led the band since the beginning and has been singing and performing

since she was 10 years old. Phyllis has been performing a wide variety of music her whole life. She has

performed in Germany, and won awards in New England for up and coming country artist in the

1980’s. Phyllis has been in several musicals overseas and stateside and has directed shows.

Phyllis kids that she never started singing the blues until she got married to Dennis and

hasn’t stopped since. Phyllis says she is “blessed to have the talented musicians that are in

her band and the band is more like a family than just a band.” It took awhile but the right

blend of musicians has finally come together and the band hopes to keep performing not

only in Wisconsin, but throughout the midwest and other parts of the country. Each

musician in the band has given their all, with many nights of rehearsals and time on the

road. Phyllis can’t say enough about her band members and their devotion to the music.

Phyllis is an active member in the community,


Pam Brozek

Out on the prairie at 6 years old Pam took her first guitar lesson, throughout

Pam’s one room school and college time she was immersed in music of all kinds. She is influenced

by Bonnie Raitt–Sweet Forgiveness, Phoebe Snow and Carole King. Following the

invention of the car, Pam toured churches with the Revelation Band. She is originally

from Fall River and later moved to Beaver Dam. Pam enjoys the music that causes people

to dance freely in the wind. Pam has become a very accomplished blues bass guitar player.

Pam starting playing the blues and has been with Starkweather Bay Blues Band for several

years and she is looking forward to many more!


Bryan Johnston

Bryan was born in Chicago in 1970. He Grew up listening to 60s and 70s

rock…Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Robin Trower, Allman Bros etc. Bryan discovered Blues

early on via the Blues Brothers movie…Stevie Ray Vaughan in the 80s…and the Chicago blues club scene in

his 20’s. Bryan’s biggest guitar influences are Stevie Ray Vaughan,

Buddy Guy, Albert King, Albert Collins, Roy Buchanan, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana. Bryan

got his first guitar at 12 yrs old. He finally got serious about learning and playing blues in

his 30s after moving to WI in 2002. Bryan aspires to help keep blues music alive. He loves

that his band isn’t a typical FM radio top 40/classic rock cover band. Bryan likes to put his

own spin on the blues covers and works on making all of the songs evolve over time. Bryan

says “ it feels more natural to him to keep exploring, musically, any song he learns to play.”

Bryan feel very fortunate to be able to do what he does in the band. Bryan hopes to keep

evolving as a musician and Starkweather Bay Blues Band is the perfect platform for that!

Starkweather Bay Blues Band is the first band he has ever been in. Bryan says “It’s been

an awesome experience playing with and meeting so many other great musicians over the years.


Ron Warren

The first band Ron was in he was about 8. He played for the Elks Christmas

party and got payed in sandwiches ! Ron then got into the “Glass Band” and played a seven

state area for “Van Zeeland” teen talent of America for about seven years with his

guardian in able to play in bars ! Ron took a short time off and was picked up by “Easy

Action” band and back on the the road ! Ron then met the love of his life “Nina” settled

down to raise two beautiful daughters and the security of a stable job. Ron was always a

blues follower, but the turning point was in Iola Wisconsin seeing two of his hero’s together

“Paul Butterfield” and “Buddy Rich” band together on the same stage at the same time. As

the kids grew older Ron begin to get the itch and would go to various jams like Ron

Graweins blues jam in Watertown and Mark Ehlenfeldts in Beaver Dam playing congas

and percussion. Ron met Phyllis at one of these jams and became a startup member.

Numerous personal changes until this lineup that has jelled ! Ron has been happy playing

festivals and new places since , and looking forward to more opportunities.

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BDACT Fine Arts Center, 117 W. Maple Ave. Beaver Dam, WI
No Stairs, handicapped accessible.

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7:30 PM

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David Saniter, 920-885-6891
[email protected]

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